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Our whimsical  collection of Fun in the Sudz soaps will add a little excitement to your hand washing routine, plus there's a surprise in every soap. Keep the fun at hand and leave the dirt and germs  behind.
Christmas Light Soap Set
Christmas Light Soap Set $12.00
Evergreen Tree Soap
Evergreen Tree Soap $8.00
Peppermint Candy Soap
Peppermint Candy Soap $6.00
Gingerbread Soaps
Gingerbread Soaps $7.50
Polar Bear Soap
Polar Bear Soap $8.50
Hanukkah Soaps
Hanukkah Soaps $12.99
Turkey Soap
Turkey Soap $10.00
Apple Pie Soap
Apple Pie Soap $9.00
Squirrel Soap
Squirrel Soap $8.00
Acorn Soap
Acorn Soap $9.00
Guitar Soap
Guitar Soap $8.00
Piano Soap
Piano Soap $8.50
Spa Girl Soap
Spa Girl Soap $10.00
Three Little Pig Soaps
Three Little Pig Soaps $16.00
Eiffel Tower Soap
Eiffel Tower Soap $4.50
Daisy Soap
Daisy Soap $8.00
Lemon Soap
Lemon Soap $8.50
Camper Soap
Camper Soap $8.50
Tree Soap
Tree Soap $8.00
Compass Soap
Compass Soap $9.50
Dolphin Soap
Dolphin Soap $8.00
Titanic Soap
Titanic Soap $12.50
Kool Soap
Kool Soap $6.00
School Days Soap Set
School Days Soap Set $14.99
Pencil Soaps
Pencil Soaps $7.50
Wonderful Woman Soap
Wonderful Woman Soap $14.00
Incredibly Green Soap
Incredibly Green Soap $10.00
RBG Soap
RBG Soap $15.00
Peace Sign Soap
Peace Sign Soap $8.00
Emoji Soap Set
Emoji Soap Set $15.99
Masked Emoji Soap
Masked Emoji Soap $8.00
Builder Soaps
Builder Soaps $9.00
Paw-fect Soaps
Paw-fect Soaps $6.00
Mouse & Cheese Soap Set
Mouse & Cheese Soap Set $14.99
Lion Soap
Lion Soap $6.00
Lamb Soap
Lamb Soap $6.00
Car and Truck Soaps
Car and Truck Soaps $8.50
Outer Space Soap Set
Outer Space Soap Set $14.99
Spacecraft Soap
Spacecraft Soap $8.00
American Flag Soap
American Flag Soap $10.00
Love Letter Soap
Love Letter Soap $6.00
LOVE Soap $6.00
Lucky Coin Soap
Lucky Coin Soap $8.00
Football Soap
Football Soap $6.00
Soccer Field Soap
Soccer Field Soap $9.00
Waffles & Ice Cream Soap
Waffles & Ice Cream Soap $6.50
Cupcake Soaps
Cupcake Soaps $8.50